Focus Your Leadership. Change the Conversation.

Business has an enormous stake in improving educational outcomes from our public school systems. A looming shortage of skilled talent threatens the competitiveness of the US economy. At the same time, to attain a living-wage job today, and climb a career ladder aligned with labor market demands, some post-secondary experience is virtually required.

There is a logical, long-term solution to the shortage of skilled workers––and it doesn’t involve complicated legislation.

Business leaders must identify skills and competencies - what students need to learn – to meet workforce demand. Then, with outcomes data, we can identify the educational pathways that lead to student success and workforce readiness.

It is time to change the conversation in education from what isn’t working to what is. It is time to change the focus from rooting out failure to replicating success.

Widespread implementation of proven success strategies will increase educational productivity, which translates to economic productivity, as more students are prepared for success in college, in careers and in life.

Our business partners help drive educational productivity by:

  • Charting the course for our future workforce by identifying the skills students need to succeed.
  • Promoting our data-driven, collaborative approach as a solution for schools to improve student outcomes.
  • Using our data to measure whether their corporate investments and philanthropy in their local schools are making a difference in raising achievement.

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